Travel Risk Management Outsourcing

Reduce the strain by outsourcing

Place your travel safety management in our hands, Litehouse Consulting is the perfect choice for outsourcing:

  • Know-how in this area is very complex; there are very few suitably qualified resources on the labour market and it is impossible to develop them internally in the short term.
  • The costs of a full-time post are not scalable: a mobility risk manager is not always required 100% throughout the year, yet a part-time post is not appropriate or cannot be used flexibly in emergencies.
  • Due to the nature of the task, to ensure adequate mobility risk management (allowing for holidays and sickness) a company requires approximately 1.5 FTE, in other words it needs to appoint 2 people.
  • A personnel specialist without a network and with other areas of activity will very quickly become blinded by routine, and their expertise will be out of date within around 6 months.

Implementation in practice

  • The mobility risk manager acts as an external adviser with a defined minimum volume (consultancy days)
  • A Litehouse Consulting employee advises the client including holiday replacement
  • Although superficially just one person looks after the client, they are backed up by an entire team to secure scalability and availability of resources
  • The mobility risk manager provides a high level of expertise at a value-for-money price
  • The ongoing costs depend on the actual use
  • Litehouse Consulting’s network ensures that the expertise is permanently maintained and even expanded daily
  • If the resource is no longer needed, the cooperation can be ended flexibly
  • We can also train internal mobility risk managers by request

Round-the-clock 24/7 assistance for your personnel

Ideally, your travel safety management system should also include safety assistance. As soon as we receive your company’s request, we will undertake a cost analysis and authorise the emergency measures provided by an external partner. And if you have selected the outsourcing module via Litehouse Consulting, our own employees are also available for you and your employees round the clock in the event of an emergency.

  • Initial advice on how to behave in an emergency and organising initial measures
  • Notification of all the defined contacts according to the predefined standard process sequence
  • Information about the safety situation on the spot
  • Proactive contact with the traveller to establish his condition if desired
  • Activation of our network to provide operational assistance on the spot
  • Activation of your crisis unit if necessary