Travel Risk Management

developing a company-wide travel safety management system

Does your company operate internationally, or do you send staff on business travel or permanent placements abroad (expats)? Then you need a resilient Travel Risk Management concept covering travel health and safety assistance – foreign travel health insurance is not enough!

The employer’s duty of care is more extensive, and it is associated with substantial liability risks for the company and its management. Litehouse Consulting will assist you and provide consulting services to develop a customised professional travel risk management system.

Identifying risks, assessing and minimizing them is our performance in terms of safety and medical care for your travellers.

We train your employees to become travel safety experts . We also perform
Country-specific behavioural trainings.

To provide the necessary and useful support we work with the most renowned advisers on the market.

About us

Litehouse Consulting is the first and only management consultancy in Italy to take an integrated approach to examining the topic of Travel Risk Management. In business practice, safety and medical care often go their own separate ways. We bring these ways back together.

When it comes to finding efficient solutions, we are the specialists – whether it is a workshop, tender or a project for the introduction of professional travel risk management. If you have already set up a travel risk management system, we will be pleased to check whether it is still in line with the current statutory requirements and your company’s risk profile.

What we do

  • Review of your internal processes (e.g. travel bookings, travel guidelines, visa applications)
  • Advice and support in selecting external service providers (insurers, assistance companies etc.)
  • Preparation and implementation of tenders for emergency assistance providers (medical and security).
  • Analysis of weak points in the travel risk management processes you have used up to now
  • Development of detailed measures taking account of your corporate culture with suitable timetables and priorities
  • Preparation of appropriate travel safety guidelines for your company and the implementation and deployment of these in your company
  • Ongoing review and coordination of the service providers that are involved and instructed in the area of travel risk management.