Assessing and Minimising Risk

Safety consulting for projects in risk countries

Our safety management team will evaluate and minimise the risks. Assistance in an emergency, safe transport and arranging for professional travel service providers to collect your employees are just some of the services we can offer you here with the help of our global network.

  • Analysis and evaluation of risks for projects in risk Countries
  • Meet and greet procedure: collecting your employees safely in the destination Country
  • Preparation of emergency and evacuation plans
  • Local support in the event of emergencies such as terrorist attacks, missing employees, natural disasters, etc.
  • Security checks on hotels, safe travel routes, medical infrastructure
  • Establishment of a traveller tracking tool: the basis of assistance in an emergency is knowing the location of the traveller throughout the trip
  • Development of safety concepts for high risk Countries
  • Establishment of an efficient emergency and crisis management process
  • Ensuring all preventive measures are undertaken before the start of the trip (provision of medical and safety information for travellers, training, medical prevention)
  • Special concepts for expats (including safe houses, evacuation plans and information about local medical infrastructures)